What leads a person to stack butane bombs and blow up their home? What happens to a girl when her father abuses her? We accompany 7 people with serious mental illness in their day to day lives and we watch them become strong while society shuns them. A story full of harsh declarations but filled with humanity and tenderness; along with moments of drama and humor. We will end up seeing these people far beyond their illness.



Film available on Vimeo on-demand, you can see the trailer here.


This is the story of seven people diagnosed with serious and chronic mental illness, from the theater workshop where they gather, the photographic portraits that one of them decides to make of them, the relationships that are gradually being established between them, their confessions, dreams and anxieties. But, overall, it is from this particular catharsis, through the filming of the documentary itself; for some, a way to make peace with their past; for others, the discovery of new friends; and for others, a way to expel the ghosts of their childhood. In short, an experience that will mark a turning point in their lives forever.